empowering energy storage and renewables with AI

A new standard in operation and trading optimization.

Apply the first cloud computing and AI based autopilot to make best use of your energy storage and renewable energies. This will increase the efficiency of your plants and your profit.

Applicable on a global scale.

Our softwares’ flexible and modular design allows easy adaption to different customer requirements, power plants, power markets and regulations in different countries worldwide.

Intuitive and simple handling.

Our web based user interface makes it easy to set up our software to match your energy storage and renewable energies portfolio via plug and play.

Long term profitable investments.

Financial planning security and constant return on invest is possible! Even in the uncertain times of the energy transition. How? By using our software!

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We make energy supply based on renewable energies predictable and therefore ensure planning security in the uncertain times of the energy transition

Autopilot for energy storages​

Our software is a real time optimization and trading SaaS software that optimizes the operation of energy storages and renewable energies for different applications, users and markets. This helps operators to automatically respond in real time to market dynamics and grid limitations.

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the suena the better

suena offers the innovative, AI-based optimization software suenAS

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the suena the better

suena offers the innovative, AI-based optimization software suena opt

meet the team

We are absolutely convinced that a power system based 100% on renewable energies is not only necessary but also possible

Dr.-Ing. Lennard Wilkening

Co-Founder & CEO   |   LinkedIn

Lennard sells.

Miguel Wesselmann

Co-Founder & CFO   |   LinkedIn

Miguel delivers.

Tom Witter

Co-Founder & CTO   |   LinkedIn

Tom develops.

news on suena

beyourpilot: 08/23/2021

Suena: Optimisation software for energy storage and renewable energies

Suena offers an innovative, cloud-based optimisation software with which the operation of energy plants can be continuously optimised techno-economically on the basis of forecast models.[…]

suena GmbH: 06/23/2021

Suena GmbH has officially been founded by their three founding partners.

We are more than happy to announce that this milestone, the start of our journey, has been set. Now that some major formalitites have been taken care of we are very much looking forward to get back to work and continue with more hands-on work and projects. 

Science4Life: 06/02/2021

Suena hass been awarded as a winner of the 2021 Science4Life ENERGY Cup.

Idea & added value: The suena opt optimization software makes it possible to use large batteries for several applications and thus to act in different ways. This helps energy suppliers to react flexibly to market dynamics and to facilitate the integration of RE.

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